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The Silva method has been a very uplifting experience. I am grateful that I was able to take the 4-day seminar. My life has definitely improved with the Silva Method. One of the things that has helped me the most with the Silva Method is having Eleanne Solorzano as my Silva coach. She is a very experienced practitioner of the method. The 4-day immersion class has many different techniques. One of the things that has helped me out the most is Eleanne’s ability to effectively communicate how to use various tools. She always gives constructive criticism and can easily relate to my difficulties. For example, I felt a lot of anger towards an experience that I had earlier in my life. Eleanne asked me where the anger came from and can I dig deeper into it with one of the Silva techniques. I did and it resulted in clarity and peace. Eleanne always gives value first. If I have any question whatsoever, she is always there to help. One of the best things that I have noticed about her is this. If Eleanne does not know the answer to something, she is very proactive in finding that answer. If you really want to make a lasting improvement in your life, then I would definitely hire Eleanne as your Silva instructor.

~Shawn Jones, 2019 Silva Graduate


New Hampshire.


Exeter, NH 03833