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The Power of Self-Care and Relaxation Mini Course plus Extra Long Silva Method Relaxation Meditation


Self-care is incredibly important.  We want to live a life of joy, happiness, and health.  Eliminating stress is vitally important mentally, physically, and spiritually.  In fact, chronic stress may lead to different ailments and diseases. For example, collective evidence points to a prominent role for chronic stress in cancer growth and metastasis.1


In this mini course, you will get tools for awareness of when stress starts accumulating, easy self-care and relaxation tools using the Silva Method, short term and long-term strategies to relax, Silva strategies to transform the way you think and talk to yourself, and the power of surrounding yourself with positive people. We will also discuss the benefits of doing the Silva Short Relaxation meditation and the Silva Long Relaxation Meditation. 


You also have access to download The Silva Method Complete Long Relaxation, which is a 45-minute deep meditation.


In addition, you get access to a Silva Self-Care mini video lesson.


This is all available to you for $40 and comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.


Description of the Silva Method Complete Long Relaxation (available for download)


Savor the soothing feelings of calm and deep relaxation. Feel the accumulated distress being eliminated from your body and mind. Allow your mind and body to gently move into a state of focused awareness and higher consciousness. This is a state of being where you can Take Command of Your Life by applying your transformational skills. It is a state of mind and body that research shows will boost your immune system. As a result, you will enjoy a blissful state of balance and well-being. You will also enhance your thinking skills.


This is the world famous complete “Long Relaxation Exercise” that was developed by Jose Silva, founder of The Silva Method after 25 years of research. The exercise is a synergistic blend of relaxation, guided imagery, and updated positive life affirming declarations with the Alpha sound quietly in the background.  This meditation exercise is guided by the soothing voice of Eleanne Solorzano, Certified Silva Method Instructor.


Millions of people from all walks of life in over 100 nations have used the Long Relaxation Exercise. Our students have reported a wide range of benefits from sleeping better, reducing weight, reducing pain and better health to enhanced, more focused thinking and activating intuitive insights.


You can download this 45-minute Long Relaxation Exercise mp3 to any of your devices.


1Moreno-Smith, M., Lutgendorf, S. K., & Sood, A. K. (2010). Impact of stress on cancer metastasis. Future     oncology (London, England), 6(12), 1863–1881.


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1. The Power of Self-Care and Relaxation.


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